Manus VR shows hand tracking in Surgeon Simulator with HTC Vive

Bob Vlemmix - 25 January 2016

Ever dreamed about performing surgery with your own hands? In space, on an alien, with a ticking bomb inside it? At Manus VR we recently finished an early version of our support for HTC Vive Lighthouse positional tracking.

To achieve this, we manufactured a custom housing for the Lighthouse system to work as a wearable. Combined with our Manus gloves, you get a look into the future of what real VR presence means.

Surgeon Simulator is all about precise hand coordination, which exactly fits with the Manus glove. Thanks to Bossa Studios we could use Surgeon Simulator to test out our Manus gloves.

Stay tuned for more prototypes, play-throughs and announcements!

Attending the GDC 2016 in San Francisco? Come visit us at Booth 536.

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