Manus VR - Welcome to Pillows Willow

Bob Vlemmix - 5 February 2016

Good day!

In December we all took a small break to relax and enjoy some time with friends and family. It was a well-deserved break after all the hard work we did last year.

In January we started preparing for the GDC in San Francisco which we will be attending next month. At the GDC we will reveal our public development kit of the Manus VR gloves. During the event visitors will be able to experience our gloves for themselves.
We strongly believe that if you want an immersive VR experience you need to be able to use your own hands. Since games are generally designed for sitting down with a controller or mouse, we are taking the lead in exploring the regions to achieve true hand presence in VR. In order to achieve this we are creating our own demo to showcase the unique abilities of our gloves.

The story follows Willow, a little orphan who woke up in a surreal dream world. Use your hands to free her path and safely guide her back to her own world. Catch fireflies with your hands, lower the bridge, keep Willow safe from the boogiemen and unlock the portal back to reality by playing the enchanted piano.

For this demo we’ve teamed up with several industry veterans incl. former Lead Animator, Peter Kortenhoeven, known from the Overlord series.

Stay tuned for more prototypes, play-throughs and announcements!

Attending the GDC 2016 in San Francisco? Come visit us at Booth 536.

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