Press Release – full armtracking on the HTC Vive!

Stijn Stumpel - 06 May 2016

Manus VR, the dutch start-up developing the first consumer VR glove have just released experimental footage of full arm tracking in the HTC Vive. By strapping the vive controllers to the arm, and using the position of the headset, Manus VR is able to generate a highly accurate model of the arms, in addition to hands and fingers. Bringing consumer VR one step closer to full body presence.

It displays the arms and elbow joint at exactly the position of the actual arms, with very little digital guesswork or latency. Most VR games at this moment use ‘floating hands’, which has now become the standard for most games. However, there are situations where rendering the arms could be of use to a game designer. For instance having an in-game UI attached to the arm (think Pip-Boy, or Apple Watch) , or a boxing game where the player has to defend oneself with their arms. It will be interesting to see what developers will be able to do with this new feature for the Manus gloves.

“It feels extremely immersive to see your full arms transformed in VR. It adds an extra layer to the feeling of body presence.” - Stijn Stumpel, Lead Designer of Manus VR, seen testing the new feature in the video.

The feature will be released a a part of Manus’ SDK in June. Development of this arm tracking feature is still under way, and more footage will be released in the coming months. Manus VR is developing this experiment further into an integrated solution, that provides positional tracking on the HTC Vive, as well as this new possibility for arm presence. Manus VR hopes to experiment with this feature on other headsets in the future, such as the Oculus Rift and Playstation VR. In the mean time, however, the main system supporting their gloves remains the HTC Vive, with new developments happening every month.

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