The Manus VR Gloves combine high-tech sensors with design and comfortability. A great fit for every use.


The Manus VR Gloves are compatible with the HTC Vive and Steam VR Tracking system.

Full Finger Tracking

With the finest sensors from our partner Bosch, each glove contains eleven sensors, a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to measure the orientation of your hand.

Wireless & Low latency

The Manus VR Gloves are completely wireless and has a latency of < 5ms. A truly immersive experience should not be hampered by wires.

Built for comfort

With high quality stretchable fabrics the Manus VR gloves are built for comfort. Forget that you are even wearing them while working in VR.

Haptic Feedback

Each glove contains a fully programmable vibration motor for haptic feedback. When a user performs an action, a vibration can be felt on the hand.

Outstanding Battery Life

Each glove is powered by state-of-the-art power cells from Varta, lasting up to 6 hours of extensive use.


One size fits M, L and XL hand sizes (stretchable fabrics)


68.5 grams


5 ms

Sensor Sample Rate

200 Hz


2.4 GHz radio frequency (wireless)


5V via Micro USB (cable provided with product)

Battery Duration

One size fits M, L and XL hand sizes (stretchable fabrics)

Finger Sensor Type

Flexible analog sensor. Measures the knuckle and first finger joint (proximal
interphalangeal joint). Joints are measured independently, total of ten sensor areas

Orientation Sensors

Orientation of the thumb and hand are measured with a 9DOF IMU

Finger Sensor Accuracy

+/- 3 degrees

Finger Sensor Repeatability

> 1.000.000 bends

Orientation Sensor Accuracy

+/- 3 degrees

Tactile Feedback

Fully programmable vibration motor inside casing

Textile information

High gauge, antibacterial, sports polyester


The Manus VR Gloves calculate the relative position of the hand. To get positional
tracking of the Manus VR Gloves, it relies on the tracking solution of other systems,
such as Xsens and Steam VR Tracking. Any tracking solution that gives the location of
the wrist can be used to provide positional tracking. The Manus VR Gloves are tested with
OptiTrack, Vicon, Xsens, and Steam VR Tracking (1.0 and 2.0).

Start developing your project with our resources. We provide plugins for Unreal Engine, Unity and MotionBuilder.

The easy-to-use dashboard and driver for the Manus VR Gloves


  • - An intuitive dashboard for adjusting glove and dongle settings
  • - A 3D hand viewer for inspecting your virtual hands
  • - A quick and uncomplicated calibration procedure (get started in under a minute)
  • - Plugins for both Unity and Unreal
  • - Support for up to four pairs of gloves and four wireless dongles on one PC
  • - Stream glove data over the network.


Kickstart your project with our plugins


To ensure seamless integration, we created two plugins for Unity. The Unity Core Plugin brings your hands into Unity. It fully integrates the finger-tracking data streamed from the Manus VR Gloves in your project. The Unity Interaction Plugin is an advanced but easy-to-use interaction framework. Easily implement interactions in your virtual environment with the Manus VR Gloves.

Version currently supported: Unity 2017.4 LTS

Creating beautiful VR-experiences in Unreal with real-time finger-tracking has never been easier. With the Unreal Core Plugin you can automatically import glove-data to fully integrate your hands in Unreal.

Versions currently supported: Unreal 4.12 - 4.21

Bring your actors finger and hand motions into MotionBuilder. The MotionBuilder Plugin makes it possible to stream and record glove-data directly into MotionBuilder, making hand animations much more realistic and easy to produce.

Version currently supported: MotionBuilder 2017