Paris, France

Built upon the most advanced Virtual Reality technologies and expertise, IC.IDO VR facilitates the decision-making process of globally operating interdisciplinary teams, by replacing the need of physical prototypes with an interactive digital mockup.

IC.IDO offers 3D Immersive Product Experience with reliable and proven real-time physics simulation assures realistic behavior of virtual objects, unique collaboration capabilities enable cooperation on the virtual model between remote sites and unique massive data visualization fluently uncovers the largest data sets.

Prime II Haptic Compatible

The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves are next-gen in cutting-edge haptic feedback technology. The sense of physical touch is not easily replicated, with the Prime II Haptic, precision is paramount to deliver intuitive and natural interactions with low latency between user and virtual hands. Whether holding digital objects, feeling textures, pushing buttons or pulling handles inside virtual experiences, the gloves provide a snug and comfortable fit to ensure delicate vibrations are felt across hands and fingers, with the hyper-fine feedback loop from motor control to haptics providing a powerful presence in VR.

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