Manus VR closes Series A investment round

Manus VR, the global leader of industrial data-glove development, closed a major investment deal. ECFG, an Eindhoven investment fund, has invested 2 million euros (2.3m USD) in Manus VR, which will enable them to extend their expertise and knowledge of date glove production into more innovative VR solutions for industrial use.

Founded in 2014 in the Netherlands, Manus VR quickly became the market leader for data-gloves through their unique knowledge of wearable technology. The Manus VR gloves make it possible to accurately track finger-movement and bring your hands into the virtual world. Virtual reality implementation by enterprises is becoming more popular each year. The use of VR makes it possible to reduce expenses significantly, for example by providing employee training or prototyping in virtual reality. The Manus VR gloves are currently being implemented by industry defining clients such as NASA, Daimler, and Volkswagen.

Earlier this year Manus VR released the Prime Series, a product-line derived from five years of intensive research in sensor technology, optimal comfort and software development; the three pillars in which Manus aims to be unparalleled. The Prime Haptic glove, which is the flagship product of the Prime Series, is an innovation in the virtual reality market with a reliable haptic feedback solution. There has been a growing demand for haptic feedback in VR gloves among enterprises that implement virtual reality. Manus VR has answered this demand with the quality they are known for.

Due to the success of the Prime Series, Manus VR started a series A investment round. This investment will allow Manus VR to develop new products that have previously been in a research phase, making it possible to answer the growing needs of the industrial virtual reality market with the quality expected of Manus. The experience of Manus VR, feedback of major clients, together with the financial support of ECFG will ensure that the next line of products will surpass their previous success. One of these innovative products will be showcased during ITSEC in Orlando from December 2nd until December 6th. A product developed for larger-scale virtual reality simulation, which will be the next big innovation provided by Manus VR.