Manus VR establishes ‘Studio’: immersive VR training made accessible

Manus VR is launching Studio, a full-service VR content agency. Manus VR Studio develops immersive and easy-to-use VR trainings with its renowned Manus VR Gloves. Commercial Director Bart Loosman: “We want companies to experience virtual reality to its fullest potential while they can continue to focus on their core objectives. Manus VR Studio makes this possible.”

“A fitting solution for a difficult problem”
Virtual reality can be quite a complex concept to cope with. Even though the benefits are clear, many companies are reluctant to use the technology. “With Manus VR Studio, we offer a fitting solution for a difficult problem. Clients are guided through a transparent procedure, resulting in a custom-made VR simulation”, says Loosman. He continues: “We felt like there was an offset between getting the most out of the current VR hardware and creating VR trainings that work. We have the experience and determination to make this happen.”

VR training: changing the way we work
Training employees in virtual reality creates many new opportunities for businesses. Loosman: “VR saves money, time and resources. It’s also a more fun and efficient way for employees to train.” Manus VR Studio is hoped to be an eye-opener for companies. “Virtual reality is here to stay. The paradigm shift in industrial training has already begun. We hope to contribute to this process with our latest venture. Manus VR Studio will set the standard in immersive training.”

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