Manus VR launches new Hand Mounts for better tracking

Manus VR presents the brand new Manus Hand Mount, made to position the tracker on the hand, improving the native accuracy significantly. Using the new hand mounts removes the need for calibration, as well as drift. Manus VR invested heavily in its software and plugins to natively support the new hand mounts.

A quote for the Hand Mounts can be requested here.

Advanced positional tracking
Previously we used wrist straps for the HTC Vive trackers that come with the Manus VR Gloves, but we wanted to offer you a more accurate and a more comfortable solution. That’s mainly why we have been developing the hand mounts!

Unreal Engine Plugin v2.0.0
The update will be available from the moment you will read this on the developer page. The update contains:
– Support for Unreal Engine 4.22
– Added support for our Hand Mounts
– The possibility to use the plugin without SteamVR

Unity Plugin v2.0.0
– Support for Unity 2018.3
– Added support for our Hand Mounts
– Support for VRTK 3.3.0 (Gloves in combination with the Hand Mounts only)

We’ve frequently asked our customers for remarks and a big demand was the integration of VRTK. Due to that high demand, we were keen on developing our plugin that would support VRTK in the future and here we are: the Unity Plugin that supports VRTK! We wish you good luck with it and definitely let us know when you have any questions or suggestions.