Manus VR launches Haptic Gloves: now available for pre-order

Manus VR is delighted to announce the development of the Haptic Gloves. A new solution that provides haptic feedback for each individual finger, introducing a new and fairly simple solution.

Haptic Gloves made easy
Since the vibrational motors must be placed very precisely, we decided to only sell new gloves with the haptic module. The Haptic Gloves feature state-of-the-art actuators packed in a small and lightweight device. While keeping a high level of comfort, usability and accuracy the Manus VR Gloves bring you one step closer to the ultimate immersive experience.

– Haptic feedback (vibrations) for every individual finger using actuators
– Fully programmable amplitude
– Simulate multiple frequencies at different levels
– Unity integration plugin included, Unreal plugin coming in Q3 2019

Haptic Gloves release
The Manus VR Haptic Gloves will be coming this summer. We’re producing a limited first batch, so secure your pre-order now.

To pre-order the Manus VR Haptic Gloves, go to our shop.
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