Hybrid Gloves - Coming Soon

OptiTrack Motion Capture Gloves

The OptiTrack Hybrid Gloves made by Manus VR in collaboration with OptiTrack have three integrated technologies to provide continuous finger tracking. The glove primarily uses Signature Pulse Active OptiTrack LEDs, and in case of any occlusion, the Manus sensors and two IMU's immediately take over to maintain an accurate capture of the hands.



The OptiTrack Hybrid Gloves are designed to provide comfort and breathability suitable for long recording sessions.

Equipped with 12 motion tracking sensors and 10 OptiTrack LEDs to enable accurate finger tracking, thumb orientation, and flexion of the knuckle and top joint of each finger.

This plug and play hybrid glove is suitable for high-end motion tracking fully compatible with OptiTrack products.



OptiTrack is an industry-leading precision motion capture and 3D tracking system for video game design, animation, virtual reality, robotics, and movement sciences.


For our Prime Series gloves, please check their product pages by clicking on more info.

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