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Integration partners

Some of the world's leading VR companies have integrated the Manus VR Gloves into their solutions

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The Manus VR Gloves deliver native support for finger tracking in MVN Animate and MVN Analyze. You can record and view your actors finger motions directly into MVN Animate and MVN Analyze, making the process of adding finger movement to 3D animations easier, more lifelike and cost-effective.

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ESI Group's IC.IDO facilitates industrial grade immersive VR solutions. The Manus VR Gloves are fully compatible with IC.IDO 12, taking trainings and simulations to the next level.

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WorldViz allows users to create advanced VR environments in Vizard, a comprehensive VR development platform for researchers. The Manus VR Gloves are integrated in Vizard, enabling users to naturally use their hands in experiences created with Vizard.