Hardware developer:
Manus VR
Based in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Founding date:
July, 2014



Torenallee 20
5617 BC


The Pinnacle of VR Controllers.
Manus VR has bridged a crucial gap between the physical and virtual world. With a focus on intuitive hand interaction, design and durability we bring the most immersive experience to VR.

The Manus VR Glove is a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality. Its unique design and cutting edge technology allows for truly immersive experiences by tracking your hands in real-time. With an unlimited amount of possibilities, the Manus VR Glove offers key solutions for training simulations, VR arcades and motion capture. It has been optimized to work with the HTC Vive, XSense, PhaseSpace and OptiTrack.

In addition to the Manus VR Development Kit we offer licenses for the following software plugins; Motion Capture, Motion Builder and Localized VR Experiences that supports up to 40 users.

For more information about the Manus VR gloves, download the product information folder here. (PDF 1.043mb)


In October 2014, Manus VR was selected from 10,000 candidates, which took part in the Dutch StartupBootcamp HighTechXL, together with eleven other participants. The program helped Manus VR accelerate and build the business in just three months. After the program’s Demo Day in February 2015, the company signed up leading development partners and clients. Furthermore, it was fully funded within a month, enabling the company to further develop the product.

Since developing the first working prototype in 2014, Manus has been a fast growing company. It has grown around 300% and developed a well-received product.



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Selected Articles

  • "Oculus has its Touch controllers, HTC has Valve's Lighthouse and the Manus Machina's wireless gloves are coming to almost every big VR headset in 2016." - Wareable
  • "All-in-all, it was a positive update and despite some known issues with positional accuracy, the team seem to be achieving good progress." - Road to VR
  • "Aimed to be worn in conjunction with a headset, the flexible, finger-sensing gloves will allow users to use their natural hand movements for another world of possibilities." - Hypebeast

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Core Team

Stephan van den Brink
Co-founder & CEO

Bob Vlemmix
Co-founder & Public Relations Officer

Tim van Veenendaal
Co-founder & Lead Programmer

Maarten Witteveen

Stijn Stumpel
Lead Designer

Roel van Deventer
Industrial Engineer

Ricardo Broeders
Marketing & Business Developer

Arsène van de Bilt
Lead Game Designer

Meike Fleskens
Fashion Designer

Eef Lubbers
Industrial Engineer

Vaishnavi Ramaduri
Product Developer