Prime Haptic

The Prime Haptic is a haptic glove with linear resonant actuators. It provides unique haptic signals depending on the type of material and how much virtual force is applied. Haptic feedback is fully customizable in the user interface, with an integrated material editor and adjustable signal strength, frequency and resonance.


Haptics software

Apollo Haptic GUI is an easy to use software suite and driver that comes included with every Prime Haptic. It includes an intuitive dashboard for managing and easily calibrating gloves. Calibration happens in under a minute and for multiple users, personal calibration profiles can be saved. Apollo also allows streaming glove data over networks.

The Prime Haptic gloves come with a UI for easily managing and calibrating the Manus haptics. A plugin for Unity and Unreal Engine is available, allowing developers to make use of highly customizable haptic feedback signals in their projects.


Why haptic?

Haptic feedback enables your users to have a sense of touch in the virtual world, which increases the sense of immersion. When it's combined with other senses, especially sight, touch dramatically increases the amount of information that is sent to the brain for processing. The increase in information reduces user error, as well as the time it takes to complete a task.


Compatible with HTC and more

The Manus Gloves can be used with any SteamVR Tracking compatible headset, such as the HTC Vive and the HTC Vive Pro. The gloves have been tested and can be used with the following tracking solutions


Assembly experience

Here is a demonstration of the Prime Haptic gloves used in VR training. The haptic signals give practice in VR a realistic touch. Providing a training environment close to reality.

This is a small example of the countless possibilities created by adopting haptic touch in virtual reality.

Prime Haptics in the media

“Manus VR has built some enviable tech into the Manus Prime Haptic gloves and the possibilities are endless for enterprise use cases.”
- VR focus

“We could see how the addition of articulation and haptic feedback would dramatically improve a training session.”
- The Register

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