Prime One: the new era of hand tracking

The Prime One is the core of our product line, an all-round wireless data glove that tracks individual fingers on two joints. Easily stream data directly to Unity, Unreal, Motionbuilder or one of the larger enterprise software platforms such as IC.IDO or Vizard.

. Top of the line finger tracking
. Compatible with a wide variety of systems including HTC Vive, Unity, Unreal
. Calibrate once and it will stay calibrated indefinitely
. Premium quality with a 24 month warranty
. Trusted by the worlds biggest companies in automotive, education, engineering and aviation.


Designed for the user

The Prime One is designed for maximum comfort and breathability. It contains twelve different sensors that measure hand orientation, thumb orientation and flexion of the knuckle and top joint of each finger.

Our goal was to not add any more complexity to the existing ecosystems than absolutely necessary. The result is a plug and play glove (using our API), that is easily put on, calibrated and used in any VR application and/or training.


Easy to use software

Apollo 2020 is an easy-to-use software suite and driver that comes included with every Prime One. It includes an intuitive dashboard for managing and calibrating the gloves with ease. Calibration is done in under a minute and for multiple users, personal calibration profiles can be saved. Apollo also allows streaming glove data over networks.  

Compatible with HTC and more

The Manus VR Gloves can be used with any Steamvr Tracking compatible headset, such as the HTC Vive and the HTC Vive Pro.

Easy integration of the Manus VR Gloves is one of our top priorities. By using Apollo in combination with our plugins, seamless integration into Unity, Unreal Engine and MotionBuilder (coming soon) are made possible. Low effort for you means your team gets to spend more team on what truly matters.


For gloves that provide haptic feedback or Xsens glove, see the product pages on the right.

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