Hands on with the Development Kit

With the Manus VR gloves you can finally see and use your hands in virtual reality. To have a truly immersive experience, your mind needs to believe that you are actually in virtual reality.

We are bridging a crucial gap between the physical and virtual worlds. Our focus lies on design, durability and immersion. The latter being of upmost importance, as we want to give users the most immersive experience. It is not just the technical qualities that interest you. Every aspect has to be done perfectly, from function to form.

Different by Design


The perfect combination between technology and fashion.

Fabulous Fabrics

The Manus VR gloves are made from unique textiles for ulitmate freedom and comfort.

Our technology is completely encased, making the gloves hand washable.


Full Finger Tracking
Each finger contains two sensors that tracks its movement. In addition the thumb has a sensor for rotation.

Long Battery Life
Gamers do not like to be interrupted. We have made sure that the gloves last up to 8 hours of extensive gaming!

Every piece of clothing you wear needs to get cleaned. Thanks to the waterproof casing the gloves can be hand washed.

Arm Tracking
Through the tracking solutions on your wrist and inversed kinematics you will also be able to see your arms in the virtual world.

Low Computational Requirements
It is widely known that HMD devices currently require expensive/heavy hardware. The Manus VR gloves require little resources from your desktop pc while using an HMD. You should have a flawless experience, and Manus VR brings that.

Haptic Feedback
The gloves contain a vibration motor. This gives the developers the freedom to add haptic feedback to their games. When a user performs an action, it will be felt on the back of the hand.

Wireless Low Latency
For a truly immersive exerience you do not want to be held back by wires. With a latency of less than 5ms there will be no noticable lag between your movements and what is visible on the screen.

To measure orientation, the gloves use the latest sensors made by our partner: Bosch. The gloves contain gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers which when combined give you the most accurate movement readings possible.

Compatible With

Enterprise Solutions

Virtual reality is not just fun and games. It has the potential to solve many problems in industry. We are working together with a number of partners to provide enterprise solutions with hand tracking. For example, we have become partners with the market leader in motion capture; Xsens, to add motion capture for hands to their system. Furthermore, our glove is currently used by NASA to simulate environments.

Are you interested in what Manus VR can do for your company? Please contact enterprise@manus-vr.com.