Our story

Manus VR was established in October 2014. Together with eleven other participants, Manus VR was selected from 10.000 candidates which took part in the Dutch StartupBootcamp HighTechXL. The program helped Manus VR accelerate and build the business in just three months.


After the program’s Demo Day in February 2015, the company signed up leading development partners and clients. Manus VR was fully funded within a month, enabling the company to further develop the product.

Shaping Virtual Reality

VR is a gamechanger. It transforms everything: the way we work, game, shop, interact with others. Basically the way we live. At Manus VR we are shaping the future of Virtual Reality to improve the human experience. By creating top-of-the-line technology we strive to make VR more immersive and natural for everyone.

Our road to a better world

We are still a young organization. We have rapidly grown from a bunch of friends with an idea, to a business delivering products to some of the worlds leading companies. We look forward to exploring new ways to improve our products and continue our journey of innovation. Whilst staying true to our values passion, simplicity, respect and fun we will welcome new challenges and oppportunies with joy.


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