We believe an immersive virtual reality experience should be interactive. Not just with controllers, but with your hands. At Manus VR, we want you to interact with virtual reality in a way that will make you forget you are even playing a game.

Manus VR was founded in July 2014. The team has been working full-time since November 2014 after being selected out of 10.000 startups worldwide to join the Eindhoven-based hardware accelerator 'Startup Bootcamp High-tech XL'. Shortly after completing the program we finished a working alpha product. Our engineering samples is now used with great succes by a selected group of developers.

Manus VR is located in one of Philips’ historical research buildings at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Our team has grown from three to twenty within 1 year. We are currently working on the Manus DK1, which is expected in the second half of 2016. For more details check out our Roadmap for 2016.

Our company is always evolving. Our team keeps expanding, our product is continually being pushed closer to our goal. It is not just technology that is evolving, we are evolving.