Real successes,
in the virtual world

Watch how businesses around the world are using the Manus VR Glove to change the way they work.


Creating the ultimate
immersive experience

 VR Training & Simulation

VR allows you to create room-scale scenarios without building expensive, fixed installations. The Manus VR Gloves complete VR by letting you use your hands for a compelling, realistic experience. The level of immersion provided by our gloves ensure a productive and memorable experience.

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Making rapid prototyping
and designing possible

    VR Designing & Prototyping  

Design processes are very time-consuming, costly and complex. This may prevent companies from fully reaching the potential of products. VR makes processes such as prototyping and engineering easily accesible. The Manus VR Gloves make extremely precise hand-interaction in VR possible. This way designers can create with
incredible accuracy.

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Full finger tracking
made easy

 Motion Capture

The process of motion capture is complex. There are many different kinds of solutions for full body tracking. Most of these solutions lack an essential part: the fingers. The fingers and hand-gestures often have to be manually animated. This is a very precise and time-consuming job. The Manus VR Gloves capture detailed tracking-data of the fingers, saving time and resources.  

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Evolving healthcare


The healthcare sector is constantly moving forward. New technologies help to improve the industry on many different levels. Virtual reality is being used for various use cases within healthcare. From games to training, VR is evolving healthcare. The Manus VR Gloves can be used for more than just VR. Clients using our gloves for a variety of different purposes like rehabilitation, therapy and research.

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Naturally controlling


The Manus VR Gloves help companies on improving the way mechanical arms and hands are controlled. With pinpoint accuracy, the Manus VR Gloves make it easier to create more life-like and precise movements.

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