The benefits of VR simulations


“Retention rates for lecture style learning are at 5% and reading rates at 10%, while VR had a retention rate of 75%.”
Source: MASIE Report 2017


Employees are the core of every company. Efficiently training staff is fundamental to success. Recreating real life scenarios is often expensive and time-consuming, whereas lecture style learning is cheap but much more inefficient. This is where VR comes into play. 

VR allows you to create room-scale scenarios without building expensive, fixed installations. In comparison to conventional lectures, interactive digital training increases the retention rate with 70%, making VR ultimately more efficient.

The Manus VR Glove completes VR by letting you use your hands for a compelling, realistic experience. The level of immersion provided by our gloves, ensures a productive and memorable experience.

Our use cases

Some of the world’s leading companies such are already using the Manus VR Gloves. Want to know in what way they implement our product in their daily routine? Check out these use cases. 

Driving the car of
the future

Check out Škoda's use case

How do you show off your new futuristic concept car to a large audience? That's the question Škoda asked themselves when they released the Vision E concept car. The solution? VR.

The car manufacturer teamed up with PresentiGO, a Czech technology startup. Together they created a mixed reality experience, where users can drive the Vision E through a futuristic world in VR.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Creating a multiplayer, mixed reality escape room

 Check out XXII's use case 

VR opens up a whole new world for the gaming industry. The growth of VR Arcades is unstoppable and this creates chances for gamedevelopers and content creators like Group XXII.

Group XII created a multiplayer experience in mixed reality, where players have to co-operate to finish the game as soon as possible.

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Operating helicopters in virtual reality 

 Check out Bluedrop's use case 

Training personnel can cost a lot of money, time and resources. Especially in cases where equipment is scarce, costly or dangerous, training in VR can be of great value. 

Bluedrop creates military trainings for VR. By offering complete training packages, the company allows trainings to become significantly cheaper and safer. 

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